Monday, February 13, 2012

Soul Screamers Reading Challenge: My Soul to Take

Rachel at Fiktshun is hosting a great challenge to read/re-read all of Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers books before Before I Wake comes out. Since I loved the first one but hadn't read the rest, I signed up right away!

To get started, over the weekend I re-read My Soul to Take, book one in the series. I reviewed this book in October, but I wanted to do the full challenge, and besides, I really liked it the first time around. It was just as great the second time! Okay, maybe not quite as great – a lot of the fun from that first read came from not knowing what was going on – but even remembering pretty much everything that happened, I really enjoyed it. I went right on to book two, which I'll be Whenever I get through my backlog of reviews. This series is terribly addicting, and I'll probably be finished with it long before the challenge ends. I'll try to spread my reviews out though.

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