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Succubus Revealed

Succubus Revealed
Richelle Mead
Georgina Kincaid, Book 6

Georgina has had quite an interesting time living in Seattle--nephilim, magical drugs, pagan gods, and dream spirits, not to mention the day-to-day Heaven and Hell problems that a succubus has to deal with.  Despite all these difficulties, Georgina loves Seattle because she's with Seth.  So when a transfer order suddenly comes in from Hell, Georgina is a little upset.  Even though Las Vegas is a dream for a succubus and her visit is everything she ever wanted, something still feels off to Georgina and her friends.  Why does Hell want her out of Seattle so suddenly?

I was really excited when this book finally came from the library.  I love Richelle Mead, and I couldn't wait for the conclusion of this series.  Succubus Revealed was everything I had come to expect from Mead, with a tightly knit plot, humor, great characters, and romance.  If I had part of the mystery solved by the end of book 5, there were certainly aspects I hadn't figured out yet, and everything fit together beautifully.

Now I'm going to have to talk about things that actually happened in the book, so if you haven't read it yet, stop here!


Carter and Roman really stepped it up in this book.  I liked both of them before, of course, but in Succubus Revealed they were amazing.  I tend to forget that Carter really is an angel, since he spends so much time with Hell's minions, drinking and being sarcastic.  But this time there was no way to forget it.  When he came to the Mortensen's house to play Santa for the girls, he was so perfect I cried.  Forget happy romantic endings, I think that might have been the most touching moment in the story.  Roman's own touching moments, with the Tale of Two Cities parallels, were amazing too.  (Plus the reaction in the courtroom when he showed up was priceless.)  I think the two of them made this book, maybe more so than Georgina and Seth.

Though Georgina and Seth certainly had parts to play.  I suspected that Seth was some sort of reincarnation of Kyriakos, but I had no idea that he'd met Georgina so many more times over the years, and I was kind of surprised at his reaction when he remembered everything from the past.  Seth never seemed like the type to walk out like that, but later explanations cleared that up a little.  Unlike in Carter's and Roman's roles, not much in Georgina and Seth's relationship developments was a shock, but it was gratifying all the same. 

As I said, Richelle Mead is one of my favorite authors, mainly because she makes me want to keep reading.  Georgina demonstrates her usual scathing wit in this book, not to mention the displays of Peter's neuroticism and a bowling match that was almost too absurd.  There were still a few loose end left hanging, but I actually think that's an asset--tying everything up perfectly is always just a little too neat.  Overall, I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend all of Richelle Mead's works.

Characters: 4 cupcakes
Plot: 4 cupcakes
Style: 5 cupcakes
Overall: 4 cupcakes

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