Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So after much consideration, I decided to sign up for Bloggiesta this weekend. I have some improvements I want to make (especially since Picnik is going away soon – sad), so I figured I'd spend some time hanging out with and getting advice from other bloggers while I do.

Signups are still open here if you want to join in!

These are some of the things I want to get done:
-Spiff up the banner/button
-Update my review/feature pages
-Make buttons for new features that I want to start
-Figure out how to do those drop down pages
-Catch up on a few reviews
-Whatever other stuff I come up with


  1. lol I wish this would have been last weekend! I did all of that then! I think my boyfriend was ready to throw out the computer :P lol Good luck Kate!

  2. Great things! I have lots I need to do as well, so I signed up too:) I'm excited! Glad you'll be joining too!

  3. It's interesting to see what everyone is planning to do on their blogs over the weekend - I'm getting tons of new ideas too :-)


  4. I always think those drop down sections look easy but even with rich text I can't get them to work...wish I knew how too...

  5. Having chocolate in a blog title always guarantees I'll click it! LOL. Hope you are getting some stuff done from your to do list!

  6. What new features are you going to start?! :) Good luck with everything!


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