Friday, October 21, 2011

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Rhyming Review Challenge!

To write a post that rhymes
And for this task, the book I chose
I've read uncounted times.

When I began this book I was
A child of Harry's age.
These words imagination sparked,
Dreams of magic from a page.

Quidditch, wands, and owls as pets:
Old myths greet others new,
And through my youth I learned to love
This tale that grew and grew.

A world of wizards Rowling spun
In loving, bright detail
Though one small flaw this jewel marred--
That magic's price seemed pale.

But Harry's story here is told
Not of magic but of love.
Here good and evil, friends and trust
Reach heights few rise above.

And so this book I recommend
To everyone and all!
For laughter, tears, great loves and fears
Sing in its siren's call.


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