Monday, October 17, 2011

My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent

My Soul to Take
Rachel Vincent
Soul Screamers #1

Kaylee just wants to be a normal teenager. The problem is, sometimes she sees someone and just can't stop screaming. When a girl she reacts to turns up dead, she suspects something's going on, but she can't fugure out what, and school hottie Nash, who seems to know more about her than she does, is strangely reticent on the subject.

I'm going to try to do this review without spoilers, so it'll be pretty vague.

I really loved this book. The idea for the world was really creative and a nice change from your standard vampires/werewolves story. Also interesting was the male/female division of powers, which was pretty unique. (Women of the Otherworld has something similar but it's set up differently.)

I liked Kaylee a lot. She had relatable high school and family issues without being too angsty about them, which happens sometimes in YA. Her relationship with Nash happened a little quickly for believability but made more sense later.

Although I did see a couple of the major plot twists coming, I didn't predict the end, but Vincent did a great job setting it up. She dropped just enough hints that, while I was shocked, I still believed it.

Mission accomplished! This review is entirely readable even if you haven't read the book. And if that's the case, you should definitely go out and do it now!

Plot: 4 cupcakes
Characters: 4 cupcakes
Style: 4 cupcakes
Overall: 4 cupcakes

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  1. I have seen this series all over the blogosphere lately! I really want to read it for myself. :)


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