Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bloggiesta Day 2

Even though it's day 2 of Bloggiesta, I didn't get anything done yesterday, since my internet was sulking in its room. But it's fixed now! Yay!

Of course, then today I had to go grocery shopping and finish a book that was about to be overdue, so I still wasn't all that productive. I have been working on a new header – the purple and brown color scheme is starting to look a little dull – but I'm not quite satisfied yet. I'd appreciate any suggestions! I'm using Picnik, and have absolutely zero Photoshop expertise (and also zero Photoshop) so just keep that in mind.

And version 2. I still think there's too much white (blue) space, but it's an improvement.

And the quotes version. I might be leaning towards this one.



  1. Hi, Kate,
    I saw your tweet requesting comments on your new header possibilities. I think Version 2 is easier to read, but the word "chocolate" is a little less bold than the other two words in both versions, so it doesn't stand out as much as it does in your brown and purple one.
    Laurie C

  2. Hi Kate!

    They look really nice, but to be honest, I'm a little thrown off because they're not centered? I like symmetry, obviously. :) The "chocolate" is a little hard to read in both of them, too ... I'm not sure if it's because of the colour or the font. What if you had "EPIC" written in bold across the top, almost stretching it all the way across, then the "chocolate fantasy" underneath. That might even it out a bit. The tree could still go behind ... I'm not sure where to put the dragon or the mermaid?

    Hope this helps ...


  3. Hhmm, of the three I think I like the third one the best

  4. Kate, I love your new header! It looks awesome! You're doing a great job on spiffying up your Blog!

  5. Loveee the new header :) I really like the quotes idea!!

  6. I love the one you've chosen. I think its the best one!


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