Saturday, January 14, 2012

In My Mailbox #2

In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren, and it's an opportunity to show off all the books we've gotten!

This was a pretty good two weeks, considering I didn't actually buy anything. I got my first books from NetGalley, which was very exciting!

Free download from Audible:
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, narrated by Jenny Sterlin
I wrote about audiobooks while listening to this one here.

From NetGalley:
The Green Man by Michael Bedard
Partials by Dan Wells
Slide by Jill Hathaway
Dust Girl by Sarah Zettel
Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown
Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
The Stubborn Dead by Natasha Hoar

Never to Sleep by Rachel Vincent

From the library:
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (review)

What do you think? What's in your mailbox?


  1. I just got Never To Sleep and thought about requesting Lies Beneath. Hope you enjoy all of your reads!

    Please let me know if you add Networked Blogs to your sidebar! I'd love to follow you there!


  2. I really want to read Slide - the idea behind it sounds fantastic, it's definitely something I'm going to check out. The Night Circus looks great too - it's been on my to-read list for a while.

    Enjoy them all!

    Check out my IMM here!

  3. I just finished Night Circus!! Be sure to check out my review for it this week :)

    I can't wait to read Lies Beneath!! It looks amazing!!

    Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!!

  4. Got Partials too on NetGalley! It sounds excellent! hope you enjoy it!
    My IMM
    A Beautiful Madness

  5. Oh my goodness, your mailbox is full of awesome.
    I LOVED Slide. Seriously. I SO hope you love it--Hathaway is a BRILLIANT writer :D

    Eeeee! Lies Beneath! Night Circus! So want to read these! Hope you love them :D

    1. Night Circus was amazing. Just great.

      I'm glad you enjoyed Slide! It sounded like an interesting concept; good that it worked out well in practice :)

  6. Great set! I loved Night Circus. Dust Girl sounds very interesting.
    My IMM

  7. I still need to read the Night Circus. Enjoy everything

    Shorskie's IMM


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