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Stars of...Shapeshifters

The "Stars of..." series is a new feature I'm doing here at Epic (Chocolate) Fantasy to highlight the best books in different areas of the fantasy genre. Say you want a book about shapeshifters or wizards or mythology, or maybe you want to read some political or heroic fantasy. Stop by here every Thursday for the foreseeable future, and I'll have recommendations for you! Click on the book covers for links to the first book in the series and on the series name for a list of the books in it on Goodreads.

If you think there's something I missed in this category, feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments! I haven't read everything out there, obviously, and I'd love some recommendations myself.

Series are alphabetical by author.

Stars of...Shapeshifters
*click the book cover for a link to the first book and the series title for a link to the series list*


Kelley Armstrong
Women of the Otherworld
12 books, ongoing (3 werewolf books)

The Women of the Otherworld series, which focuses on women of various supernatural species, has several books featuring a werewolf, Elena Michaels. Elena's books are my favorite in a series I really enjoy. Her determination, humor, and spirit make her books fun and exciting. Also, Elena and Clay are lots of fun.

Keri Arthur
Riley Jenson, Guardian
9 books, completed

Riley and her twin, Rhoan, are half-vampire, half-werewolf, and working for the Directorate of Other Races keeps both halves plenty busy. I was hesitant to pick up this series at first, because it sounded like a constant sex-fest, but it's actually much more; Riley gets involved in some very dangerous and exciting situations, and I've really enjoyed what I've read of this series so far.

J.A. Belfield
Holloway Pack
1 book, ongoing

Even though there were aspects of this story that I didn't really like, it had that ineffable quality that makes you keep reading. It's definitely worth a read, and I want to find out more about this world of werewolves and magic.

Patricia Briggs
Mercy Thompson
6 books, ongoing

Mercy is a walker raised by werewolves. Her adventures, involving fae, vampires, the werewolf pack, and other supernaturals, are exciting and fun. Mercy is a great character with credible strengths and weaknesses, and she's grown a lot throughout the series. These books have some great lines and really touching moments, not to mention plenty of ass-kicking!

Alpha and Omega
2 books, ongoing

A bit more toward the romance end of the spectrum, Alpha and Omega features Omega werewolf Anna and her mate, Charles Cornick. Although Alpha and Omega takes place in the same world as Mercy Thompson and with many of the same characters, there's not a whole lot of crossover. Anna is actually one of my favorite characters; she's easy to underestimate but really quite strong. And Charles is surprisingly sensitive for a dominant werewolf.

Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Norville
9 books, ongoing

Yup, a werewolf named Kitty. And this werewolf just happens to be a radio host...for the supernatural. Kitty Norville is fun and interesting, and Kitty is always stumbling into some sort of misadventure. She grows a lot during this series, and her reactions are always fun to see.

Rachel Vincent
6 books, completed

I've only read the first book in this series, but it was pretty good. True, Faythe can be pretty annoying, but she does care, which makes her a bit more likable. Plus there is plenty of action here.


Kelley Armstrong
Darkness Rising
1 book, ongoing

I absolutely loved Maya, the main character in The Gathering. She's witty but friendly, and seeing the mystery of her town and her new neighbors unfold was fascinating. I can't wait for the next book in this spin-off of the Women of the Otherworld series.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
The Kiesha'ra
5 books

In this highly unique take on shapeshifters, the avians and the serpiente have been enemies for longer than anyone can remember. Danica Shardae, heir to the avian throne, is tired of watching her family and friends die. So when her enemy and counterpart Zane Cobriana proposes a solution to the conflict, she's willing to try anything, no matter what difficulties come her way. I love the setting of this story, and the characters as well. Now I really want to read it again.

Andrea Cremer
3 books, completed

I couldn't put Nightshade, the first book in this trilogy, down, and I bought the second book right after I finished it. Worlds of lies are lots of fun (to read about). I just got Bloodrose from the library, and I can't wait to see how this story ends.

Maggie Stiefvater
The Wolves of Mercy Falls
3 books, completed

If you've been around here for any length of time, you know that I love Maggie Stiefvater. When I finished The Wolves of Mercy Falls, I couldn't even form coherent thoughts, but only rave about how amazing these books were. With unique characters, spectacular writing, and refreshingly, no love triangle, The Wolves of Mercy Falls is my favorite werewolf series out there.

Other books that include shapeshifters, just not as the main characters
The Edge by Ilona Andrews
Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews
Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter by Laurell K. Hamilton
The Hollows by Kim Harrison


  1. Great picks! I really enjoy the Mercy Thompson series and I have the first book in the Alpha and Omega series on my bookcase waiting for me.

    Not Your Momma's Book Blog

  2. Yey <3 Wolves of Mercy Falls. They are great arn't they!

    I have the first of the shifters book Stray but havent read it yet.

    I love these posts you do Kate. They are so interesting :)


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